How Do You Practice Softness?

Have you ever embroidered? Or played with an embroidery thread? You may not be keen, but maybe school got you to try it? Well, school got me into needing to learn and get graded on embroidery, among other things, one year. The most frustrating thing for an 11 year old at the time was having to thread the needle. It wasn't just that act alone that was testy, but it was the whole process leading upto it, one step out of which included having to separate a single / double thread from a wrapped ream of 6. In early 2000s India, these were usually your loopy Anchor brand threads that were more commonly used.

The act of separating a thinnish thread from similarly thin ones was tough because you don't generally have that kind of patience when you're younger, especially when doing something you have no interest in.

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How Do You Practice Softness?

Shivranjana Rathore

My work is centred around breaking down the micro aspects of oppression within the human psyche, and situating it within the macro. I do that through various mediums - writing, illustration, comics, curriculum design and even regular conversations. I am also interested in the concept of energy and the integration of science and art.